Toyota’s CH-R to Replace Scion

The CH-R was initially revealed back in 2015 as a model of the Toyota Scion; however, as the Scion has flubbed out of existence last year, with Toyota claiming that they no longer needed the model in order to attract younger markets, the CH-R is now slated to take its place. While still retaining the spirit of the Scion which was geared towards younger consumers, the “Coupe High-Rider” is meant to provide stylish transportation at an affordable price without becoming too upmarket with customization options and trims.
While the C-HR isn’t restricted to the “mono-spec” package of the Scion, it is very limited in its options. The base model comes with an XLE trim, which for those unfamiliar with the Toyota brand, is pretty high-end. A safety package including radar cruise control, automatic energy breaking, and lane-departure alert with steering assist, comes standard with the XLE. The vehicle also comes with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, easily adjustable seats, alloy wheels, LED running lights, and a rear spoiler. The only other trim option offered for the C-HR is the XLE Premium, which has extras such as fog lights, auto-folding mirrors, power lumbar supports, and blind-spot monitoring. Neither version has any leather-seating option, sunroof, four-wheel drive, nor any wheel, engine or tire upgrades available, nor do they come with a navigation function on the 7-inch touch screen. Eventually, Toyota said in a statement, they will be able to bring more extras into the later models with multiple trim options and adding in an interior navigation system, however, right now the priority is to provide an affordable vehicle that looks good, handles well, and will be a driver-focused experience.

The general manager of the Toyota brand, Bill Fay stated that the brand is targeted towards “millennials, or millennials-at-heart” and that the automaker expects to sell 30 000 of the crossovers this year in the United States alone, and several more in Canada (although official stats were not given), increasing to roughly 60 000 next year. The XLE starts at $26 475 Canadian, including standard equipment and shipping whereas the XLE Premium is only a little more at $28,075 Canadian, including shipping. Toyota has stated that both trims have received a fuel efficiency rating of just 8.7 L/100km in the city, 7.5 L/100km on the highway and 8.2 L/100km combined, making them cost-efficient to drive as well as to buy.
In an announcement made just this past Thursday, the company stated that the Toyota CH-R is set to be released May 1 as a 2018 model in Canada, and will cost $24,690, plus destination charges.