Ford Motor Company

As of ten months ago, Mercedes and Ford Motor Co. launched the FordPass app which the company claims to have been a learning experience. The application, which is available in both Canada and the United States, has forced the automotive developer to alter their way of thinking into that of a technology start-up company. Developed over 18 […]

Toyota’s CH-R to Replace Scion

The CH-R was initially revealed back in 2015 as a model of the Toyota Scion; however, as the Scion has flubbed out of existence last year, with Toyota claiming that they no longer needed the model in order to attract younger markets, the CH-R is now slated to take its place. While still retaining the […]

Hyundai Motor Company Sales Plummeting Worldwide

  As of last October, Hyundai Motor’s quarterly net profit has dipped to its lowest point in four years –partially due to a protracted strike at home as well as weaknesses in their emerging markets. Hyundai further announced that roughly 1 000 company executives will take a 10 percent pay cut as they prepared to […]

Magna International Starts Production of BMW5 Series

  As of March 2nd, Magna International started building the BMW 5 Series in Graz, Austria –the first step in an aggressive expansion of the Canadian parts company’s auto-assembly business. The production is said to be split between the plant in Austria and the one in Dingolfing, Germany. According to Günther Apfalter, President of Magna […]

Ontario Automotive Dealers Warned about run of Theft

  Ontario Automotive Dealers Warned about run of Theft Dealerships across Southern Ontario have been notified by the police to make sure that their higher-end vehicles are secure and that their keys are locked up tight due to a recent string of thefts from dealerships across the province. While the vehicles were stolen from a […]